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Invisible Braces

Invisible braces treatment is best suited for individuals having high concern for esthetics due to their nature of job and lifestyle. Also for Adults who do not want to show that they have braces.

In this type of treatment braces are fixed on the teeth from inside with the help of specialized bonding technique. Treatment time is almost the same as visible braces. Adaptation period for invisible braces is around one week.

These braces are totally invisible ideally recommended for adults who cannot compromise on their looks.

Invisalign treatment is a special treatment in which clear aligner trays are designed and customized as per the patient's requirements.

Patients are advised to wear them through out the day and change them periodically to bring about necessary changes in the alignment of the teeth and to get a beautiful smile.

Advantages with Invisalign

• Clear ... Hence Invisible
• Comfortable
• No Risk Of Any Emergency, Cuts & Sores
• Less Number Of Visits Required
• Highly Precise Tooth Movements Based On Digital Technology & Scientific Process
• Predictable Results Visualization Even Before Treatment Starts

Invisible Braces service

Lingual Orthodontics (Invisible Braces treatment) is best suited for: YUPI (Young Urban Professional Individuals). Also Individuals from IT sector, BPO, Aviation & Hospitality Industries, TV Serials, Front Office Staff, Doctors & Lawyers. Good for interns / MBA students about to app.ear for job / Visa Interviews.

Also suited for Individuals of marriageable age or married persons.

Invisible Braces service